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How To Create A Basic Wallpaper


Any ideas or images in these pages have been used entirely without profit or gain,

and therefore are free from any copywrite infringement.


This tutorial was written for the girls in my CloserWalkSister's group to increase their understanding of PSP,

and if it resembles any other tutorials that exist on the internet or anywhere else, that is purely coincidental. 

* * *

I do not know who is the creator of the image I am using, so I cannot give credit to them.


Open the image and duplicate it by clicking on control/shift at the same time.

You may either use the image I have attached or else use your own image.


Open a NEW image 1600 x 1200, and fill with a light color from your image.


Go to layers/new raster layer and use your selection tool set on rectangle to draw a selection within your blank, trying to keep it centered.

I follow the numbers on the ruler around the image to do this.

Fill with a contrasting color from your image.




Go to effects/Gregs Factory Output Vol. 11/Pool Shadow with the following settings:

If you do not have this filter, let me know and I will send it to you.

Go to Effects/drop shadow with the following settings:

Go to selections/modify/contract 24

and then fill with your light color from the original image.

This is what mine looks like now:

Go to selections/invert

then go to

effects/3d effects/drop shadow and use the same settings as above.



Selections/select none.




Click on the image that you duplicated (in mine, it is the cardinal image) and the go to edit/copy

Go back to your 1600 sized image and edit/paste as new layer




Click on the deformation tool,

and then 'drag and stretch' your image to the size you want it to be. 

Doube click within the image to disable the deformation tool, and then position your image so it is centered within the frame.




Go to Edit/copy




Go to effects/EyeCandy 3/jiggle and use these settings:

Go to effects/3d effects/drop shadow and use the settings we used previously.

Mine now looks like this:

Notice that the center image is blurred..........we need to get rid of that blurred image, so now go to

edit/paste as new layer

and the image that we just copied should be pasted on top of the blurred one.

Use the deformation tool again to drag it slightly smaller than the blurred image beneath.

We want only the deckled edge of the image beneath to show.

Go to effect/sharpen/sharpen.  


Layers/merge/merge all (Flatten)  


Add your watermark if desired.  


Layers/merge/merge all (Flatten)  


Go to Layers/new raster layer

Add text of your choice  



Go to effects/3d effects/inner bevel and use the following settings:

Repeat this inner bevel setting if you want to.  I did on mine.  It's just a matter of what you want.




Go to effects/3d effects/drop shadow and use the following settings:

Selections/select none



Layers/merge/merge all (Flatten)





This is your master you can make other size wallpapers from this master image.



Duplicate and make whatever size your screen uses.

These are the most common sizes that I have found:


800 x 600

1024 x 768

1152 x 864  (this is the size I use)

1600 x 1200 (which is what our master is.  :)


Sharpen after you resize and save to your wallpaper folder.


I hope this helps you to understand how to make a basic wallpaper.  :)



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